The HMONG CREATOR NETWORK aka HCN was created to showcase the talents of emerging and known creators who inspire our generation and push the limitation of creativity. Creators are individuals who are dedicated to sharing with the world, their life, worldview, and unique perspectives through innovative and creative arts. They share with us the history and traditions told from the eyes of creators' worldwide. HMONG CREATOR NETWORK was developed to give back to the creators and providing a platform for their creative voice.

As part of the Hmong Creator Network we will be launching our "PROJECT FISHING." 

Project Fishing operates on the proverb,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

Project Fishing is a project that will help individuals build self-sustaining communities through entrepreneurship.  We will mentor and provide resources needed to allow communities to develop their own resources and be self-sustaining. To innovate and compete.  

For every garment that is purchased, Hmong Threads will donate part of the proceeds to Project Fishing.  

Hmong Threads is encouraging all Creators worldwide to be a part of the HMONG CREATOR NETWORK in hope to share, feature and network. We are looking forward to giving opportunities for creators of all levels to gain exposure and to share their craft.

Please email us at: for more information on the HMONG CREATOR NETWORK.