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Hmong Threads is a brand inspired by a unique group of people; THE HMONG. It is their history and culture of refusing to give up through the worst adversities and challenges. To adapt and overcome to whatever the circumstances that presents itself. Unstoppable yet humbled.

The belief that it is your authentic self which makes you great. To know that it is your unique background and culture which runs through your every being and gives you that determination and the unstoppable mindset. These are individuals that test the limits. Fearless to express themselves. Relentless to create their own path and future.



The HMONG THREADS’s brand is built on these pillars:
AUTHENTIC: Stay true to who you are and in everything you do.
CULTURE: Knowing where you came from and where you are going. 
CREATE: Be open-minded.  Be adventurous. Be the creator. Whatever drives you, it is only you that can create it. Be the shakers and movers.
The HMONG THREADS’s brand is a movement, it's a lifestyle. Join us.



HMONG THREADS was co-founded in 2018 by Johnny Her and Ong Xiong. The inspirations and influences were from Johnny's and Ong's unique experiences and up bring in different part of the world. Johnny being born and raised in the United States and Ong being born in Thailand and raised in Laos. It is their different perspectives and experiences that shapes the Hmong Threads brand.

From Johnny's worldwide travels throughout Southeast Asia and across the United States. Traveling within the Hmong villages from the mountains of Thailand through the hills and valleys of Laos and to the coast of Vietnam. Realizing the beauty and resilience of Hmong culture and artistry and the influences on the various societies worldwide.

Ong being born in the Ban Vinai, Thailand Refugee Camp and raised in the third-world country of Laos. She brings a unique perspective that helped shape the Hmong Threads brand. 

 Hmong Threads is a brand that has influences from various aspect of Hmong tradition and history, the old and the new. It is about inspiring our generation to be creators of their own future.

The HMONG THREADS’s brand is a movement, it's a lifestyle. Join us.



 As part of Hmong Threads, we launched the Hmong Creator Network (HCN), where we strive to build a community of creators. The goal is to give back to communities that they serve and allow them to create.
We strive to build a brand that is grounded in culture, authenticity, and creativity.